Enter the world we've built. Powered by Web3.

Assemble your Ninja

Build a Ninja with the individual NFTs you own.


Customize with Avatar Editor

Create powerful ninja setups with NFTs you own.

Battle ninjas worldwide

Engage in real-time PvP battles with players in every country.

Win prizes each season

Including $BNB up to $1,000 for the top finishers.

With all the features you need


Join our daily NFT giveaway to win NinjaVerse items and Jungle Club NFTs.


Place a bet on yours and others' battles to earn even more coins!

Cash Out

Exchange the coins you've earned for BNB Smart Chain.

Live Feed

A live look at NFT activity and battles on our platform.


Passively earn coins simply for holding NFTs in your wallet.

Town Hall

Vote on topics and catch wind of upcoming changes to the app.

What our players are saying

“NinjaFT is one of the easiest ways to get into NFTs. Simple way to start to learn and understand blockchain technology. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get into NFTs but thinks it’s too complicated.”

Apple App Store

“I have become so addicted to playing this game. I love earning ninja coins for battling other ninjas and then redeeming my coins for more ninja NFT’s to enhance my ninja and make him stronger for battles. I have invested around 200$ buying various NFT’s in this game it’s just that good ✅”

Apple App Store

“Best app I have ever used great customer service. Awesome community. Free air drops weekly. NFT staking. Earn coins. NFT.pays out royalties. Play to earn BNB. Fantastic play to earn game. Very impressed. This blockchain game has a great future. 💖 Thank you NinjaFT for this awesome experience I'm very happy”

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